(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have you tried to recruit new members? Yes, we are continually recruiting. Maybe you would like to become a Firefighter or EMT? Please contact Chief VanderVeen for more information.
  • Is this a merger or consolidation? Neither, it is Intergovernmental Agreement among six municipalities. History has shown that mergers and consolidations often result in further loss of Volunteer Responders. We want to maintain our volunteer model as long as possible.
  • I thought we had Paramedic Service? Currently all departments are licensed as an EMT/Basic Flex squad. Most of the time we deliver Basic Level Service, when an Advanced EMT or Paramedic is available, we can flex to deliver a higher level of service.
  • Will you still need Volunteer Responders? Yes, in fact they are more vital then ever! They will respond along with the Duty Crew and work together to deliver the best service. Volunteers will remain the primary force for fire responses and motor vehicle accidents.
  • How will this help retain our Volunteer Responders? We need to relieve the strain on our Volunteer Responders’ lives. Allowing the Duty Crew to transport more of the patients will reduce the burn out of our Volunteers. More time for family, more time to sleep, better work performance = less “burn out” and more years of service.


Questions on how this program will operate? Please contact:

Darien Fire Chief Justin Schuenke 262-745-2261
Sharon Fire Chief Bruce Vander Veen - 262-949-0079

Questions on how this will impact your property taxes?
Please contact your Municipal Office:

Village of Darien - 262-882-5055
Village of Sharon - 262-736-4888
Town of Sharon - 262-736-4608

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